Best Of Show

TeamGolfStarRx hit the hallways of the adult golf playground circa PGA Show 2015 />
Wide berths boasting booths, bursting with all things golf. Travis Mathew landlocked a showroom with Prime Real Estate and acroutrements to make certain their guests will remember a truly unforgettable experience. We learned we were in good company wearing matching outfits as many others followed suit. Being long on wearing dresses handily landed us at ella belle where they transform ladies into pretty in pink dress girls around the putting green. Conversely, for the occasional Prom Queen Wannabe, (who has unleashed her latent fury on an unsuspecting benefit outing . . . ) The Nice Shot Co. answers the call with an age old universal gesture which is not gentlemanly, let alone ladylike, in any language. However, it drives the point home in one stroke of the finger and loosens up those tight corset strings in a pinch. If, however,you are a member of the trouser wearing type you will be a stand out in a good way if you cinch your waist with the tre’ coolio Druh Belts. The glitzy buckle designs moved them into first place in this clotheshorse’s closet right next to my appreciably growing skirt collection. Antigua easily wins the most adorable/durable skirt award. Which is why I have adopted dozens of their units as my self proclaimed uniform. This truism nearly caused a Cat Fight when a certain Femme Fatal sniped “what do you do when you take your clothes off since you only wear your logo?” Problem solved! I had the Guys at Golf Design Company make me a logo necklace, that doubles as a ball marker. This serial Entrepreneur ameliorated the barn barb into a Country Club show piece.
The feast was too large to take in without proper infusions and this Vitamin Chick did not have her stash at the ready. Good thing because we practically fell into the Magic Mind liquid focus enhancer booth, strategically placed adjacent to the Mess Hall. This small bottle produced BIG results and just like that . . . ShaZam . . . We were back in the game.
We trained our attention to the new product area and fell in love with the giant furry pajamas for golf bags called MiniZoo. The german Shepard pulled at my heart strings as I had the privilege of being guarded and loved by the same as a child. A sign reading: “Adopt Me” hung around this Shepard’s neck. Done! “Best Of Show” is coming home with me. And, “Shep,” I will bring you on TV when we tout our benefit Golf-Rider Challenge Outing at The Grand Traverse Resort Village in July. My furry new friend had me searching my mind for other past loves like the Easy Bake Oven. Maybe another focus energy drink was in order. As promised, we saved Straight Down for last so we could Spin-The-Wheel to learn our fortune. We had one hiccup on the way in the form of two Hula Girls provided by Maui Jim who were inducing miles of smiles in tandem while handing out Shell Leis. We trotted our ponies to Straight Down to greet old friends and slip on some jackets that fit like a second skin. So many booths, so little time. My assistant was all but gaga over the show. I kept hearing little hints like, “next year, & “next time. Ok, I get it, she’s hooked too. 2016 .. . .here we come!

Caddies Have It In The Bag

Top Gun Caddies descended upon the green green grass of Blythfield Country Club setting the stage for World class golf as they scoped out the terrain prior to their personal LPGA player’s arrival. Sunshine haloed over every day of play and practice while the Caddies ran hither and yon to answer the call before the phones rang. Chris Schwertz was scoping out possible pitfalls, hoofing it in the early dawn near his favorite shoe manufacturer: Merrill. Mindy Kim was a new client for him, in between Zach Byrd and a host of others who rightfully place him at the top. Theresa Durand was having good natured phone fun connecting with her player from England, Felicity Johnson. Jimmy Jones had Jenny Suh in great hands and always at the ready with a laugh . . . Included at no charge. Fans were teeming on the fringes of the course. One die-hard guy waited and waited, hoping to spy a glimpse of Sandra Gal. She was very sweet when I told her so. I then championed her heritage by mentioning that my Dressage saddle and Automobiles are from her neck of the forest. Rebecca Lee Bentham was good naturedly comparing notes of our “matching” Antiqua outfits…if you are colorblind. Lydia Ko and her Mother, Tina, were inseparable on the green making the Mother-Daughter of the year award and wonderful memories of the same with mine.
Louise Friberg birdied two holes in tandem after dining on her first Birdie Bar. Katy Harris took note and asked me for a good luck charm of her own. Upon my return home I was quick to dole the details of the wonders of the LPGA. Unfortunately no one was home except my Blue Chow Chow Puppy whom I named “Bobby Jones.” His take was something like. . . ” Those Chicks are BAD . . . In a good way.







Golf-Rider Challenge 2014

The inaugural Golf-Rider Challenge went off without a hitch. Enthusiastic players arrived at The Wolverine, ( a fine and friendly course at The Grand Traverse Resort Village in Acme Michigan), from: New York, Ludington, Grand Rapids, and Ionia to set sail this maiden voyage of a collection of amateur golfers , some of whom have/had professional careers in other sports such as the: NFL, NHL, and Skiing. The prizes were lofty as well: Hole-In-One sponsor: Cherry Capitol Cadillac, BlackStarFarms the winning 500$ getaway weekend, Boones Prime Time Pub kicked in $200 for the longest drive, handily captured by T.J. Mathew.
Golden’s Shoes threw in a fab piece of luggage for closest to the pin awarded to Jon Dayton. Front street shops had a big showing including The Sunglass Shoppe with his & hers Maui Jims Sunglasses. James C. Smith Jewelers proved their cool with GolfStarRx necklaces for the Silent Auction to benefit rescue animals at AC Paws and Peace Ranch.





Hay Now….from Team Protandim


Greetings from the Cherry Capitol of the world:    During a wine and cheese soirée showcasing Jumping,  Equestrian Champion,  Caroline Donnally, and I bonded over our love of horses, and our quest for human health.

She tried the Protandim and was immediately smitten:  ”it provides great energy and focus!”

For the love of golf …


My motto when meeting new people is to find something in common quickly and build from there.  Maybe that’s the  swift thinking the  starter supplied when two couples, decades apart in age and several states apart in location, were paired.

These couples had a major thing in common,  both were celebrating wedding anniversaries.  The Mathews, T. J. and Julie were on their maiden anniversary round, while the Demicks,  Larry and Debi …..counted an even thirty on their score card. Continue reading

Jill of All Trades

Debby Buck-DeJonge said she “took a mulligan” on her first shot at starting a business in the health food industry. That was a few years ago. This time, it looks like it may be a straight, high drive down the fairway.

“Medinah gave me the nod,” the Ada resident said happily in early December. That means her Birdie Bar Golf Energy Fuel snack bar will be sold at the Medinah Country Club in Medinah, Ill., which was the venue of the 2012 Ryder Cup match in September. She’s actually received commitments from a number of clubs and resorts.

DeJonge describes herself as the founder, owner, chief bottle washer, staff and “Jill of All Trades” at, which she launched to market her Birdie Bar.   Continue reading

Country Club Concierge

Country Club Concierge

Once a Concierge, always a Concierge, and when a fellow golf enthusiast queried about golf in Northern Michigan, I just couldn’t help myself…I launched into full throttle Head Concierge mode as the sudden self -appointed Ambassador of Northen Michigan. Little did this Lawyer from The Longhorn State know that his coffee clutch query at The Palmer House, would entail a hand drawn map, using both my left “mitt” carefully tracing my favorite points with my right, not to be outdone with the pen and paper, points of interest tour, and a follow up email with links to the Links.

This Texan was toying with a guys golf trip to escape the summer heat in favor of a relaxing retreat. He asked. I delivered. And here is the itinerary that was warmly served….grab your calendar and secure flights to Cherry Capitol Airport, ( Traverse City Michigan). Aim for the first week of August and land softly at The Grand Traverse Resort Village ; where you can stay and play, and play and play.

Then, head across the street to LochenHeath to take another deserved deep breath as the view is literally breathtaking. You will find yourself immersed in championship golf which has some foreboding lesson teaching holes and may want to set up permanent camp. Before this fever takes full hold, mosey up to Garland, nestled further in the woods, in the Elk Capitol of the country dotted with Posh log cabins providing an up close gander of the flora and fauna where the deer and antelope play. I have taken staunch non- golfers, as recent as election year and showed them the way.

Who could resist the calling of Northern Michigan? Unless, you want an Island feel, to that end, I suggested The Jewel on Mackinaw Island located at the Grand Hotel, and then, the grand finale, the oldest Club in Michigan, boasting a Scottish feel. Your clubs will be transported by horse and buggy as the island is free of motorized vehicles. Wawaskamo has a hole with a circus ring surrounding the green.

This raised heather enhanced green is a testament to your chipping. After you do all of the above. . .be sure to snag some Murdicks Fudge as a testament to your now being a card carrying member of the “Fudgie Club.”


Ryder Cup Rowdies. PGA

Did I hear my ears  right?  Did the team captain of the USA actually instruct the gallery to be rowdy?   I had to rethink everything I knew about attending the ” Superbowl ” of golf event as I had the privilege of meeting with the buyers at the Medinah Country Club earlier in the season, and “rowdy” was the antithesis of the energy being emanated from that property.

Golf enthusiasts from around the globe were eager to oblige …The Ryder Cup Rowdies were in full swing upon my arrival on Saturday.   The Euro version of The Blue Man group were “a friendly lot,” donning full body royal  blue Lycra, and cork screw wigs, ( rather than the shaved look we are used to seeing),The US was  a sea of red, white and blue all cheering their lungs out imprinting a palpable feeling of pride I will not soon forget. Continue reading